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7-figure Bootstrapper, International Speaker, Top Podcaster & Part-time Sword Fighter



In 2006, Ray quit his high paying job as a software engineer in the US to work as a volunteer for almost no pay helping indigenous communities in southern Mexico. 

After that life changing experience he started on his entrepreneurial journey which led him to create multiple,  6 and 7-figure online businesses.  

He now shares what he learned from all of those experiences with audiences at conferences  around the world and in podcasts with the hope to inspire others to “throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover


Ray Blakney is probably like every other award-winning Filipino-American location independent entrepreneur who grew up in Turkey and lives in Mexico that you know.

He started his first business, with his wife as a business partner, in 2008.

Since then he has bootstrapped multiple 6 and 7-figure businesses around the world.

Most of this was done from home in his superman pajamas.

He and his businesses have been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur Magazine, The Boston Globe and other top publications.



Ray has spoken at conferences and events all over the world.  Here are some of where he has spoken, and some upcoming ones you can catch him at.

Travel Bloggers Expo
New Orleans, USA
September, 2020 (Postponed until 2021)

Camp Indie
Hartford, USA
June, 2020
(Postponed until 2021)

We Are Podcast
Melbourne, Australia
March, 2020

Bangkok, Thailand
October, 2019

DC Mexico City
Mexico City, Mexico
February, 2019

Querétaro, Mexico
February, 2017

Entrepreneur Series
Tagbilaran, Philippines
November, 2017

Design Week
Querétaro, Mexico
June, 2016

Possible Topics

Ray can talk about several topics ranging from online business and marketing to how to start a chocolate factory in Asia.

How I had to build the same business… twice

Running a virtual online business

Bootstrapping a 7-figure business


Growing up a 3rd Culture child

Managing multiple businesses as the same time

Location independent life

Running a business with a spouse

Owning a chocolate factory when you don’t like chocolate


How to overcome stress and crisis

Balancing work and family life

Past PODCAst Appearances

Here are a few of the podcasts I have appeared on in the past so you can hear for yourself if I am the type of guest your audience would like to hear from.

The Business Method

We talk about how I built one the biggest
online language schools in the world with
only a $60 US investment.

Listen to my interview

The Comeback Game

We talk about how I lost my business
overnight, and how I was able to build
it again from the ground up.

Listen to my interview

Efficiency On Demand

We discuss how my super power is the
most boring one in the world, and how it
has lead to my success.

Listen to my interview

World Wonderers

We talk about how the Mexican Swine Flu
lead to the creation of my most successful
business all from home.

Listen to my interview

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